Super Deals Plugin Free Version

Get your customers more attention by showing them deals. This plugin will increase your sale significantly by availing deals on some products with the deal start and end timers.

Currently supported nopCommerce versions are nopCommerce 3.40, nopCommerce 3.50, nopCommerce 3.60, nopCommerce 3.70, nopCommerce 3.80.

All older versions plugin will provided on customer request. For that please send us your inquiry from here. We will get back to you soon.

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Deals are the most attractive thing for each customers no matter it is online or offline store. Running discount on few products will get chance of increasing sale on your store. By using this plugin you may get more traffic on your site. 

Super Deals will help you to set discount on your products for particular dates. Create new deals as you wish with the Super Deals plugin.

Super Deals plugin is best for online shops who sells cloths and accessories.

How to create deals using super deal free version?

You can create new deals by updating your products special price dates. Suppose you want to create new deal for 24-Dec-2015 to 4-Jan-2016. You can set special price start date and end date accordingly. Set special price as your deal price. This will display on the homepage in deal section.

This is free version of plugin so here you need to go to each product and update the dates.

How this plugin will work?

Creating new deals is very simple. Just update your products special price start and end dates. Provide special prices (deal price) and update dates.

This plugin will pull data three way.

1. Today's Deals

Here you can set special price and set date time range to todays date. So your product will display into the Today's Deal section.

2. Upcoming Deals

This section will show upcoming deals. Plugin will pull all products with special date range set with tomorrows date and display here.

3. Missed Deals

This section will show missed or expired deals. Plugin will pull all products with special date range set with yesterday's date and display here.