Shop By Look Plugin

Sell products by the look. Create live environment for your customer so they can decide easily how product will look into their area.

This plugin will give you ability to create a master product and from there your customers can shop the product by look.

Currently supported nopCommerce versions are nopCommerce 4.30, nopCommerce 4.40 and nopCommerce 4.50.

All older versions plugin will provided on customer request. For that please send us your inquiry from here. We will get back to you soon.

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Create environment where your customers will see the live demo of your products in group. This plugin is more suitable for the online Furniture Shops, Clothing etc.

Shop by Look is exciting plugin to sell products by how it look when it display in its actual scenario. Set your products on image and sell your products in a new way. Easily create new look for your online shop.

Features Supported by the Plugin:

1. Slider at Product listing

Shop by Look plugin will display your look products on slider. This is configurable from admin panel.

2. Child Product listing on Shop by Look page

All child products added to look will display below the shop by look page for more user interaction. So user can purchase child products easily from there.

3. Designer description on Shop by Look page

Add description of your look designer. This will help you and your customers to find out their favorite designer look and they can purchase from here.

4. Easy product selection on image at admin side

Add child products from admin panel for your look. What you have to do is just add your main shop by look image with good quality and map your child (nopCommerce) products by selecting appropriate area. This products will display in selected area.

5. CSHTML, JS and CSS are open to modify for developers to suit existing theme

Update CSS/CSHTML from open View files so you can match all look with your theme. For this you will need help of front end developer.

Check Shop by Look Plugin Demo        Access Support Documentation