nopCommerce Product Question Answer Plugin is released

We are pleased to announce our new plugin Product Question and Answer.

Product question answer plugin helps customer to clear their concerns related to product by asking questions. Their questions will be visible to all so that anyone will be able to answer on that question including admin and their vendors.

Some of the features supported by the plugin:
1.  Public area where customers can add their questions related to products
2.  Other Customer/Admin/Vendor can answer questions 
3.  Comments and Likes can be added by other customers
4.  Separate My Account section for customer to check their activities on site. Customers can choose their display name also from this page.
5.  Various types of options are available from admin panel
For example allow anonymous customers to ask questions, notify to vendor, notify to all purchased customer, notify to store owner while customer adds new questions etc.
6.  Admin has all the controls over the contents of customer posted on site. Admin can delete all the contents.
7.  All the filters are available to filter questions, answers, comments and likes so that admin can see all contents according to their needs.
8.  CSHTML, JS and CSS are open to modify for developers to suit existing theme

Click here to go for demo.

Check product detail page here.

Your suggestions and feedback is most welcome. 

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