nopCommerce Customization Service

nopCommerce Customization Service
The price must be from $1.00 to $1,300.00

nopCommerce Customization Service.

Use this product if you want to pay us using our nopCommerce store for your customization work done by us.

You can enter your amount in the Amount box and proceed for checkout and if we haven't still decided about charges then contact us before procedding Checkout.


1. You can pay us using the Paypal Standard Payment Method.

2. You have to bear the Paypal Transaction fees. If transaction is of big amount(>$1000) then don't pay using this product. Just contact us from our Contact us page, we have alternate way to make payment for big Amount Transactions.

3. Inform us on before paying.

4. All Orders on this product is legal and eligibale for Income Tax.