nopCommerce Auction Plugin

New place to boost your sales. Plugin enables you to manage online auctions, allowing customers to place a bid.

Currently supported nopCommerce versions are nopCommerce 4.30, nopCommerce 4.40 and nopCommerce 4.50.

All older versions plugin will provided on customer request. For that please send us your inquiry from here. We will get back to you soon.

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An online auction is very popular trend now a days. Each and every buyers wants the best deal in the world of competitions when there is limited stock of Products. Many online shop owners want to run auction on their store and nopCommerce Auction Plugin is very much compatible for that type of online store owners. You can create and run multiple auctions on your site, this will allow your customers to place bid for products at their suitable prices with some constraints.

Features supported by the plugin:

1. Online Auction system

Run your online auction using the SuperNop auction plugin. This plugin gives you and your business very proficient way to sell products using an auction system. Now a days auction is becoming very hot in a market. Most of the market researchers agree that auction increases your sale up to 50% because it's interesting for customers to bid on the products.

2. Accepts Customers Bid

The SuperNop Auction plugin accepts the customer bids and stores them for further use. The system automatically runs a schedule task and accepts the customers bid at the time of auction end time when the reserved price of the auction is above or matched.

3. Run Multiple Auctions at a time

Our plugin is designed in a way that multiple online auctions can run at a time. So you can get more selling due to multiple auction is running in your online shop.

4. Support Multiple Winner (Coming soon)

The SuperNop Auction plugin is designed in a way that can support multiple winner on a single auction product. Suppose if you have allowed 3 winners of the auction, then the highest 3 customers will win the auction when it will be complete with its some predefined

5. Auto Bid (Coming soon)

Auto bid is a new feature in now a days auction system. You don't have to sit all the time in front of the computer or tablet. You can just set your bid as auto bid and provide your minimum increment and maximum budget of buying the product. The system will automatically place bids for you based on your previous inputs.

6. Separate Auction Listing Page

You want to see separate page for auction products? Yes, everyone wants to see that!! The SuperNop Auction plugin adds a new menu page for viewing all auctioned products at a single place that it called an Auction Listing page. You can enable this page from admin site with some configurations like dynamic page sizes.

7. Supports Bids History

Plugin also supports your bid history. You can see your bid history by going to your My Account page. This is essential when you need a history about your previous bids.

8. Email Notifications

All of the events in the Auction will be notified to appropriate customers. You will notify when any other customer place bid on product on which you have already placed bids, when auction completed, winner is decided, and if auction is failing all of these events are captured by us and customers will notify for this.

9. Watchlist Support

You want to notify when someone place bid or someone win the auction? If yes, then this feature can work for you. Just add particular auction in watch list and you will be notified in each event of this auction even if you haven't placed bid on this auction.

10.Separate Auction Template for Auctioned Products

Auction Template is derived from the Product Template of nopCommerce. You can design Auction Template as you can. CSHTML/View files are open to modify.

11.More attractive features in future (Free Upgrades lifetime)

We are planning to have some more attractive features as well in future. All current customers will get updates free of cost for lifetime.

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